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It is truly fabulous when a client trusts you, it gives you carte blanche to do your job.
And when she leaves with that little glow that sparkles in her eyes that means you have done a good job,  it’s extraordinary – FRED

Hairstylist in Kuala Lumpur Mont Kiara
When I’m not styling hair or teaching Hair cutting techniques, you may find me running,flying, hiking, or writing. I’m cutting hair the Vidal Sassoon way.  Learning a Hair Cutting technique based on Vidal Sassoon principals has always been my goal since a very young age. I  wanted to offer a high quality haircut and thus differentiate myself from other hairdressers. I learned the Vidal Sassoon technique in France in my hometown of  Pau and in Paris. I  became a Hair Cutting Instructor to share my passion and expertise. I performed hair-cutting on stage for L’Oréal Paris and for the “Festival Metamorphose” a High-class show designed for hair professionals in France. My goal is to help people find a lasting hairstyle that suits them and is easy to maintain. I’m now based in Kuala Lumpur, Mont Kiara.

A truly personalised experience in a nice relaxing environment.

You are unique, so, at Fred, we personalize our creations so they fit you. The expertise of Fred in Hair-cutting brings this french-touch that makes all the difference. The color will contrast and enhance movements and volumes. It will be the second key which will highlight your face and make your Hairstyle completely unique.

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