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Parisian Style in Classy Comfort

Fred Hair Salon - French Relaxing Hair Salon in Mont Kiara - KL
French Hair Salon Fred iin Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur

France offers the world many wonderful things and some truly extraordinary places to visit, but it is two specific industries in which the French stand as the undoubted masters: food and style. The former can be appreciated as you bite into a buttery, flaky croissant from Malaysia’s many great bakeries, while the latter is available by booking yourself an appointment at Fred Salon, where ladies can immerse themselves in a little corner of France and be transformed into the classy women they long to be. This private hair salon is the first of its kind in Malaysia and, rather than the bustling, noisy environment of most salons, ladies step into Fred Salon and enter a serene, peaceful apartment-style environment that caters to their every beauty need. Each customer is, upon arrival, ushered into a consultation with a qualified French Hairstylist who advises and guides based on each individual’s needs and qualities, offering a truly personalized experience.

There are many wonderful services available to the lady in need, and speciality services include the Extreme Make Over, which utilises the famous treatment enriched with Keratin. A service that has attracted the most attention is the Balayage Riviera or the Balayage Copacabana Ombré Hair, which was discovered by Fred during his years of work. Translating as “sweeping” in French, balayage refers to the way in which highlights or colours are applied to the hair for a natural look. Inspired by the glamorous, seaside sophistication of the French Riveria, the Balayage promises sun-kissed looks created using the latest techniques and offers a chance to enhance hair shades without the risk of unsightly roots. There is a European touch to every moment of the Fred Salon experience, from the professional partners of L’Oreal and Revlon to the qualified French Hairstylist who comes equipped with 30 years of experience.

Fred, in whose capable hands ladies find themselves, is a serious talent and highly experienced in every aspect of hair styling. His many qualifications include two diplomas from French National Education, while his years of industry work and training encompass men and women’s hair styling as well as fashion styling. He has also been a Hair-cutting instructor in France  and run training sessions at private schools and for apprentices. Away from his home country, Fred has worked with all sorts of hair during his time in USA and South East Asia, allowing expat and local women to rest easy knowing that their locks are in capable hands. There is nothing quite like Fred, and a visit is one that will enrich and refresh more than you could predict. Every woman deserves the chance to look her best and to be pampered in an environment of calm sophistication, and an appointment at this concept salon offers an hour or two of pleasure and a little slice of Paris to the stylish ladies of KL.


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