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The "hair contouring" is inspired by the "contouring" makeup technique popularized by Kim Kardashian.

After the makeup: HAIR! The “CONTOURING” trend, popularized by the American star Kim Kardashian, now inhabits our heads, with the “hair contouring” a sort of custom color, which adapts to the shape of your face.

In make-up, the “CONTOURING” akin to a rather complex technique, which involves sculpting the contours of his face, like the cheeks, nose, or chin, playing with shadows and contrasts. Using tanning products, foundation, concealer or of different colors.

The “HAIR CONTOURING” is clearly inspired by this technique, but this is to lighten or darken some strands of hair on specific areas to also increase, reduce or illuminate certain areas of your little face.

Explanations, according to the shape of your face.

Hair contouring round face

Round shaped face

For round faces: choose light colors around the face to lengthen and brighten as well as darker shades on the lengths to bring an angular effect.

Square shaped face

You may want to mix between light and dark to emphase the angular parts of your face to give them more softness.

Hair contouring square face
Hair contouring heart face

Heart shaped faces

To create a more oval shape and soften the lower face, a kind of inverted triangle, highlight hair that are located around the jaw and ears.

Oval shaped face

The oval shape is equivalent to what a 8 shaped body is, that is to say perfect! Any hair contouring will suit you with a such a face but you may as well take advantage of it to add depth to your color through lighting effects on all of the hair.

Hair contouring oval face

At Fred, We love HAIR CONTOURING and we will be please to advise and make your hair look greater!


You are welcome to contact us for more details about our Hair Color

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